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Sinkkutapahtumat in English

Sinkkutapahtumat (engl. Events for Single people) is an open platform for single people to inform their events. It acts as a channel for singles to participate + organise events and  to network with other singles and find friends.

Our story begin in October 2018 and the site published 4.11.2018.

We welcome all sorts of events from movies, hiking, alpine skiing, cycling, rollerskating, sailing, dancing, horse riding, travelling to big events with hundreds of people. 

All singles that are interested in variety of activities are welcome.

Our goal is to have interesting events and have fun. 

Everyone can organise an event in his/her area of interest and then invite other people to join via our event calendar, post list and social media. 

The activity is based on the people. This site is as active as the people in it. The more people inform events, the more events there are.

We do not  have any membership fee and some of the events are free of charge or at cost price. We do not profit from this open platform. 

Sinkkutapahtumat - tarina - sinkkumagneetti




You can organize event(s) and participate to event(s).

Online dating

Create online dating profile and start searching for love / friend. Someone might find you too 🙂


You can use our matching system in events for other participants. This is a safe way to find out if the interest is mutual. Match only comes when two people are interested each other.If not, nobody other than you know about it. Very safe indeed.


Online courses targeted to singles.


Talk to other singles online (by writing).

The people

We are all singles & this is our free time activity.

The operation is run in Finland so we mainly use Finnish when communicating. You are welcome to join and we only ask you to understand that we use Finnish in the website and in emails.

When you come to the events, you most likely find people who speak English and other languages as well.

Sinkkujuhannus ☀️

Tuu mukaan 💘

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